“When I first saw her speak, my jaw dropped. I watch speeches for a living and I might go as far as to say Tunette Powell could very well be the most naturally-gifted speaker I’ve ever seen, and I mean it.”


Abbie Syrek



Our main focus is creating and sustaining efficiency in homes, schools and businesses through coaching, workshops and training.


Tunette Powell

Partner, Author, Educator and Family Specialist

Nationally-known author and public speaker, Tunette Powell has received a host of prestigious public speaking awards, including being named the top persuasive speaker in the country in 2012, as she has traveled throughout the country motivating and encouraging young men and women at schools, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, Powell has dedicated her life to being the change she wishes to see.

Tulane Holder

Partner, Business Consultant and Development Specialist

An innovative leader and consultant with extensive experience and demonstrated success in information technology, business planning and execution, Tulane Holder is no average business person. She is known for managing multi-million dollar operations, complex projects, multi-faceted portfolios, infrastructure, and high performance work teams.


Our dedicated team specializes in maximizing efficiency in families, students, and professionals.


Personal and Professional Development

The role of an educator cannot be overstated. Educators spend their careers pouring into and investing into youth. But who can pour from an empty cup? This training is designed to reenergize and refuel teachers as they build and mold tomorrow’s youth. Training sessions focus on the following: personal and professional development, the art of communication, collaboration and community, and equity in leadership. Each session offers a holistic, individualized approach as your school continues to build organizational culture, create an equitable climate, and increase staff and student engagement.


Helping students tell their stories, let go, and create
new stories through the power of education.


Private Schools and Youth-Serving Nonprofits

We partner with your company to excel customer service by improving organizational and operational effectiveness, streamlining and simplifying processes, training, coaching and developing staff.


The Truth Heals Luncheon

Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017

Location: Omaha, Nebraska   Event Link

San Pedro High School Career Fair

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Location: San Pedro, California  

Women in Leadership Summit

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017

Location: California State University   Event Link